sobota, 29 czerwca 2013

I need better planning

Again, I am writing last minute.

I did make cookies. I took the first photo, the one with the necklace and recreated it in cookies. A practice in precision piping (the yellow swirls). But. Again - but. Before I made photos, I took them to my son's kindergarten party. I really need to focus more on planning.

I wanted to prepare those cookies once more, but. Another but. My son got a stomach bug. Today was the first thay of this week that he ate anything and not vomited it. Or that he wanted to eat at all. One evening we even went to ER, because he vomited so heavily, that I estimated he did not even take any fluids for a whole day and night. Not a good topic for a cookie contest post.

And to add insult to injury, the evening we spent at the ER was my birthday. I am exhausted and in huuuge need of comfort food. So here is my take on comfort food (chocolate chip cupcakes with whipped cream) and, at the same time, my second idea for Lilaloa's challenge. Yes, that whipped cream is grey. My very first coloured food was in fact grey whipped cream. A friend of mine said that it looks like plaster, but since I made it, he will try it (because all things food that I make are great). Here it gives a steampunky look. and the  open star tip made it look almost like spiderwebs. The blue flowers were actually made from leftover royal icing after the "inspired" batch of cookies and nicely disturb otherwise boring decoration. Not my best, but good enough given my level of energy.

But you know what? My old camera, the one I hate, apparently can do customized white balance! The photo was taken in the evening, with a bit of sun from left and a bit of lamplight from right and it still is better than most my photos!