poniedziałek, 30 września 2013

Some umbrellas

I wanted to use also at least one cookie cutter from my set of 101. I do use some of them a lot, but most were never used simply because they are badly designed. When I saw the umbrella cookie cutter, I thought it was such a nice, robust shape, that I certainly used it. But no. I have never made umbrella cookies. This mistake had to be corrected.

Is this a reindeer?

As soon as I read the challenge post, I knew what I would do. Of course I have meny cookie cutters thet have never been used, after all a few years back I got this 101 cookie cutters set.

But I also have a nice set of christmas cookie cutters, which were difficult to interpret. OK, I immediately got the santa, the gingerbread man and woman and some of the others, but I needed a year to figure out the sock and the present cookie cutter. In my part of the world there are no socks on chimneys. But Santa comes by more than once ;)

Anyway, after a year I figured out all of them but one. I suspected it was a reindeer, but it was a strange kind of reindeer. Like the person who designed it had never seen a reindeer, even in a picture. So I didn't know what to do with it and never used it. Now I decided to find some purpose for it.

I had a few ideas, but I loved best the final look of the slings. Just look at them, this cookie cutter was made for a sling, right?

Some other ideas included incense sticks:
And high-heeled shoes, thouh if I want to make them again I'll have to bend the cookie a bit:
Hazel catkins:
And finally, after some unbending, a reindeer: