środa, 31 lipca 2013

Sun will be eaten by caterpillars and then there will be no more summer!

I am lazy.

I had a nice idea for this challenge almost right away. I still have a list of things I want to try during this year of cookie-making. Today I even had an idea for December. I don't know what the challenge will be, but I know that in December I want to make my first cookies to be given away at my friends' cafe, which will be two years old. The owners don't know yet of my plan, but I still have time both to tell them and to produce cookies for them.

Anyway, back to me being lazy. I made cookies. A lot of cookies - bananas, watermelons, flowers, caterpillars, leaves... But then I procrastinated on actually decorating them, so by the time I got to making RI, they were mostly gone.

Lesson learned - better use regular size sugar (or even "gruba rafinada") than the fine kind. The suns and caterpillars mostly look like the surface was rough, but not sparkly. Possibly this is for the better, but it is not exactly the look I planned.

So beware of caterpillars! They will eat our sun and then there will be no more summer!