wtorek, 27 sierpnia 2013

The Solar System

I don't paint. I am learning to draw, but even that comes very slowly. If you tell me to paint something, I might do an acceptable job, but I dread having to invent also the topic.

So I cheated.

Once upon a time I was looking for a job at a kindergarten. As a prop for my show lesson I pepared watercolour planets. That was not very difficult. I had a wikipedia picture to copy and the planets were mostly straight lines and dots, nothing fancy. It was (almost) a pleasure to paint.

So I did it again, but not on cardstock; this time on cookies.

There is the Sun, a mixture of yellow and orange:

 There is Venus - very pale, which took me by surprise. Just believe me it is not white. In reality it is very pretty, but my camera and my camera skills are not so pretty:

There is Jupiter, of which I am particularly proud:

There is Saturn, using a pumpkin cookie cutter, because I only have serrated ovals:

Well, there is the whole Solar System:

Yes, no Pluto. About 2006 scientist decided, that Pluto is not a planet. If it was, then Moon would also have to be a planet. And that would be pure madness.