sobota, 27 kwietnia 2013

Winter ball cookie

 Again, I didn't have the cookie cutter and forgot to check the proportions. From what I see on the site, somebody already had the same idea, but really, I did it independently.
 My other ideas are also one way or another in the submissions... I thought about making a boy's face with a scarf and a flower-pot with orchids (because I have mad orchids that bloom continuously). But here you have my take on a ball with snow. In order to make the snowflakes more visible, I placed them on a second layer of icing, so at least one significant difference from my predecessor. On, and my technique is sooooo bad here...

Puzzleball cookie

 I don't have the dimond ring cookie cutter, so I decided to imitate it with a circle ans a triangle. But I forgot to check how it should look. I remembered the diamond was disproportionally large, but didn't really think to check it before I made cookies. And last month I had so much to do, that I didn't have time to make new cookies. Or even check what other people invented for this challenge. Well, if I did visit the site to see ofher people's ideas, I definately would have seen the real proportions of the cookie cutter.
 I had a few ideas, but too little time to really make them into cookies, so in fact I made just the two of them, which required the same color palette.

 The first one is, partly to commemorate Autism Awareness Month, a Puzzleball. They are relatively new here, and I used to have one with the globe. My son was suspected to have autism. His story is long and heartbreaking, I'll try to make it as short as possible.
 Until he was 8 months old, he was a normal baby. Then he had some unknown infection, was hospitalized, but doctors discharged him to home while he was still ill. Two weeks later he went back to the hospital, this time with life-threatening encephalitis. He survived it and slowly regained eyesight, feeling in his body and control over the limbs. Finally, wbout 6 months later, his hearing returned. In the meantime he was diagnosed with Krabbe disease and is his genetician's first Krabbe patient to survive more than 3 months from diagnosis.
 He could hear, but he didn't understand the sounds, that he heard. He had no means of comunication other than crying and no children around to relate to, so psycologists said he is likely autistic. However, after half a year of therapy with another child, he begun imitating the other boy and then started communicating using gestures. Now he uses a mixture of PECS and Makaton and seems normal for all people, who don't see him regularly enough to notice him being suspiciously reticent.

Anyway, my puzzleball cookie:

Birthdays and cookies go hand in hand

 Apparently I had a very busy month. I forgot to post the other animal cookies I made trying to learn wet-on-wet. So here are two more examples: butterflies and some patterns (because, obviously, the birds use a different approach):

 But the real reason that April was very busy was my son's fourth birthday. I made him some Owl cookies for Kindergarten and learned, that somehow my icing is too thick for a no. 1 tip. And here I was so happy, that I found a shop that carried more baking supplies (in the meantime I decided to leave my former favourite shop, because two times in a row they sent me an incomplete order and didn't bother telling me, that they ran out of something I wanted. If you own a shop remember: you loose clients when you think for them. If there is something wrong with the order, you call and ask them BEFORE you send anything. Not wait until they get the package and are angry with you).
 J's sign in kindergarten is Owl, so I had to make Owl cookies. In the beginning I wanted to make Dumbo cookies, because he could watch Dumbo trhree times in a row (he has auditory verbal agnosia, so he likes only films with little dialogue, like Dumbo or Wall-E) and throw a tantrum if I stopped the film for any reason whatsoever. However, a week before his birthday he got bored with Dumbo.
 I made these similarly to the geographical hearts, but this time I cut the template to trace the shape on the cookies, making them more consistent.

Then we had not one, but two parties (ok, not real parties, more like family&friends gatherings), so I had to make two cakes and last minute decided to throw in a big bowl full of cookies, so the children would have something more to eat while throwing all the toys around the house. There were some spiders covered by leaves, flowers and canaries (J got a canary for his birthday), but the minute the boys discovered the spiders, everybody wanted these cookies. 

 All in all, I did prepare some diamond-ring-shaped cookies, but had time to decorate them only two days ago. And even then I did it with my baby-girl running around and crying for a cookie. Just four months ago she didn't like the taste and now she would eat them whole day long... So off I go to write a few words about my ideas for the dimond ring cookie cutter.