niedziela, 26 maja 2013

Bugs for mothers' day

My parents are fixing their garden and they asked us to come on Saturday and help. The thing is, in my funny country Mother's day is immobile, always on 26th May, so I couldn't go bare-handed. And I remembered that on Friday morning.

My point is - I had little time to plan, little time to make and even less to take photos, because what was left on Saturday, today went to my MIL. To make up for the poor quality of photos, here you are the prettiest cookie decorator in the world, right in the middle of decorating and eating. Finally mommy is not angry about eating pens!

Recently I got a couple of fun tools: a rolling pin with adjustable rings (you can't buy just the rings in Poland), serrated round and oval cookie cutters, and wedding and bugs Wilton's cookie cutters. Did you know those are NOT stainless steel? I know now...

For the mothers I wanted to make some bugs, but last moment decided against spiders. Kids love spiders, my mother hates them even more than I do. So here we are, dragonflies, bees, ladybugs with too many dots, some leaves and my son's new favourite: caterpillars. There were also butterflies, but those didn't work well.

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